2020 Vision

Posted by Lawrence Bond September 10, 2020

Has 2020 left you with a perfect vision?
Despite all of the challenges, this year has actually given me complete clarity, both personally & in business.

I’m a positive person & when talking about this year, I still come back to words like…

🟣Hard work

These happen to be foundations of how I try to live & raise our kids & it’s also the key to how we’ve built BondMoran over the last 4 years.

Our motto since day 1 is that ‘RELATIONSHIPS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN A DEAL’. This year we’ve ‘doubled down’ on that approach.

Things aren’t getting easier & who knows what the future holds.

One thing I can say with 100% clarity is that as we move into a new year, we will stick to our ethos with 2020 vision.