Clearly, every recruitment partnership that we form is bespoke, however we have broken our recruitment approach into three main offerings.

• Contingent
• Retained Light
• Fully Retained

With ALL of the above routes we offer a market-leading consultancy and network (each of us has 23+ years expertise and network), innovative technology combined with traditional techniques and clear, regular communication.

Importantly, we always maintain a strong focus on the manner your brand is represented and how job seekers feel about your business, regardless of their success in the process.

Although the time investment is greater, we do not charge higher rates for our Retained or Retained-Light offering as this allows us to provide a far higher service level, something that is at the core of our approach.

Unlike typical ‘tiered’ structures, our flat percentage structure (fixed at 22%), does not increase with salary and this applies to all offerings.

Each recruitment campaign is different and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

The main differences with our retained offering is the time we are able to invest in the process to find you the ideal candidate.

This applies to sourcing, qualifying, meeting potential applicants (face-to-face where possible), the level of pro-active headhunting and sourcing of ‘passive’ candidates including the use of advanced methods, stronger advertising mediums and the level of brand management that we carry out.


This is the traditional method used for straight-forward transactional recruitment.

This approach involves a database search (both ours and numerous, relevant additional ‘CV boards’) and tapping into our immediate network as well as securing referrals.

We will also advertise in a number of relevant job boards and social media, with well-structured, appealing adverts (we refuse to say ‘exciting’ or ‘unique opportunity’ without qualifying that claim for the reader!).

ALL applicants will receive responses (that’s NOT the industry norm), with long-listed candidates receiving telephone interviews, short-listed candidates being video interviewed (unless previously met), a final short-list being provided, interview management, offer management and on-going consultancy including our ‘touchpoint plan’ to minimise the success of counter-offers and such challenges.

There are numerous other techniques and areas of consultancy included that apply to all of our approaches.

Where the recruitment is for a more senior, confidential or niche skill-set role, we generally tend to operate a fully Retained or Retained Light approach.


This approach is typically adopted when a role is confidential, senior, there are multiple roles and/or niche skills are required, or when very specific industry knowledge or experience are required.

Given this, the time investment required to provide a high service to all involved, including the target candidates, is obviously far greater.

Our retained solution involves a great deal of additional sourcing. This includes identifying target companies and sectors and actively approaching relevant candidates, face-to-face meetings to discuss the opportunity with potential applicants, and as a result we provide greater interview notes/profiles.

We also offer an extended guarantee period to 16 weeks as there is a greater partnership, with an even greater onus on us to ensure suitability.

To this end, we assist with planning inductions and also have an advanced aftercare plan that involves a full 360 review after twelve months. We carry out 8 and 26 week meetings, and whilst there is a nominal cost for the 360 process after 12 months, we charge cost price for the consultant (i.e. there’s no profit element for BondMoran).

Given that candidates often need to sign NDA’s, we manage the entire confidentiality process which can be especially important with candidates who have been unsuccessful as they often become less guarded.

We also monitor and report on the brand engagement of the applicants who have been through the interview process, something that has proven to be highly valuable, especially where they operate at a senior level within the same sector.

Again, whilst there are other benefits, these are some of the key differences between a contingent and retained solution:

The payment structure is typically:
25% of the anticipated fee on instruction.
25% upon the start of second interviews (thereby proving we have sources suitable applicants).
The final 50% (with any relevant adjustments) is paid upon completion.

Subsequently our fee is weighted on success, unlike traditional retainers where the structure is three equal charges with the second being issued on production of a short-list.

Given that senior candidates tend to have 3 month+ notice periods, we continue to invest a good deal of time into ensuring that the process runs smoothly and communicate closely with all involved at length throughout this period to ensure engagement is maintained throughout.


Most consultancies offer the above two options however, we felt that there was a gap for a hybrid, partnership solution.

This approach also applies to senior, niche, confidential and other key recruits, where there is a strong need for a time-intensive approach, but not to the same extent that a fully retained campaign would require.

It may sound cliché, however to ensure success, it is essential for us to act as a true extension of our client’s business for the benefit of both parties.

Our contacts tend to require a consultancy who will provide ideas and solutions to challenges as well as representing their business in the manner they would do so themselves. In turn, we need to be confident that the process is a productive use of the time, knowledge and expertise that we always invest to ensure success.

Therefore Retained-Light was born!

Invariably we offer the majority of the retained process, however this offering is used where there is a lower requirement for ‘market-mapped’ head-hunting techniques.

This offering does not work to the traditional ‘retained’ staged payment schedule.

With retained-light, there is in initial, upfront charge of 30% of the anticipated fee, with the full balance paid upon completion. There are also no cancellation fees.

As with our fully retained offering, we offer you a greater level of protection with our Retained Light approach as there’s more onus on us sharing the responsibility than we would have with a standard database search. Therefore there is an 10 week guarantee period.

Most of our relationships are a result of recommendations and referrals. A lovely way to grow a business!

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, people centered Consultancy to support you with your career, let’s talk.

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Experience The Difference


  • We are experts within our sector. Each of our Consultants have over twenty years experience within senior recruitment, in our specific geographical areas & we are extremely well networked. We know how to run highly confidential campaigns, protect our recruiting client whilst keeping senior job seekers engaged.

Flat Rate Fees

  • Whether engaged on a retained, retained-light, or contingent basis, we charge the same 22% percentage. Our introductory rate doesn’t increase with salary levels and whilst most consultancies do this, we have never felt this to be a fair approach. You should always receive the same, high quality service regardless of the seniority of the role.

Unique feedback

  • As well as our honest and direct approach to communication, when we are engaged on a retained basis we carry out vacancy-specific, candidate 'quality of service questionnaires' to all short-listed candidates. These provide unique insight and feedback about both BondMoran and your own handling of a specific campaign.

Solutions, NOT sales

  • We offer a range of customised solutions that includes all of the above and more. Some of our ideas are completely tailored to a specific campaign and every assignment is bespoke to solve the specific the challenge faced.

Free replacements

  • We offer a FREE replacement for all permanent recruitment. If we are able to spend greater time on the qualifying process, we will share a greater onus on the candidate's the longer the level or our responsibility.

Brand Management

  • Very few consultancies discuss how job seekers feel about your brand as a result of their 'journey'. We invest time, resources and a great deal of knowledge into ensuring your brand is strengthened as a result of your campaign and the interview experience. We also discuss methods of using recruitment campaigns to your advantage from a marketing perspective.