An Unusual Analogy

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 29, 2020

This picture just made me smile. For me, it’s representative of recent months.
It’s a quirky image/thought but then again, it’s good to be a little different to the norm.

Whether you’re a business owner/Director an employee (either working or furloughed) or a job seeker, no one quite knew what would be around the corner (or U-bend) or how bad things would get.

We all prepared, chose our strategy & took a jump into the unknown.

As a community, we have had tough journeys. We’re swimming hard & although some of it’s been fairly…rubbish (I nearly used another word associated to this image!), but we’ve all emerged rather differently to how we started.

My family, colleagues & I certainly appreciate some of the things we took for granted far more now & we’ve built some incredible, strong relationships on the journey to date.

It’s not over. We know that.

We’ll have to ‘keep on swimming’ for a while yet but if this picture made you stop for a moment & smile or question the challenges you’ve faced recently, then we’re with you!

Whichever perspective you’re looking at this from, get in touch. We’re a business that cares, has a soul, & we’re happy to support & build a relationship with you.