Any recruiter or candidate will relate to this!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 4, 2020

Any recruiter or candidate will relate to this!

Dear Lawrence

Yesterday I had a call from one of the ‘big name’ accountancy recruiters. A few years back they had placed me in a role and thought they would “touch base”.

They had no idea that I had left the role in which they recruited me and absolutely no idea what I was doing now.

At the time, I felt their process was wholly transactional – I was simply ‘a hire’ to them, a means to an end. They never called to see if I had settled in, never bothered to stay in touch and certainly did not understand how easy it was to find up to date information on potential candidates from using the internet .

Until yesterday, years on, I was out of sight out of mind. I only sprang to mind when they were trawling through their database and I came up as a match for a role for which they were recruiting.

BondMoran recruited me into the role I am currently in. They took time, care and attention to ensure I felt supported, advised and most importantly humanised throughout the process. They ensured the match made was as near perfect as possible from both sides, and used their professionalism and wisdom throughout. They keep in touch regularly, and I consider them my “go to” when recruiting for my own team and they will be my first point of call when the time comes for me to progress further with my career.

The contrast is clear in my mind as both candidate and recruiter. Go with an agency that cares, that understands the market and the roles within it, and the results will speak for themselves.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of receiving an impromptu email from an individual who, you have not only enjoyed every moment of working with, but has taught you so much about your own business and that what you’re doing really matters!

Although the writer wanted to remain anonymous, you know who you are and…THANK YOU!
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