A Different Approach To Consultancy

A brief insight into BondMoran

'Relationships are more important than a deal'

Nearly every consultancy use the identical ‘unique’ selling points.

So much so, that it often becomes ‘noise’.

YES, we have all worked in our sector for 20+ years in the local area, giving us a particularly strong network. YES we are experts at what we do. OF COURSE we ‘add value’ and YES, we build long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Our expertise is primarily within Accountancy recruitment, however we recently started a non-finance division (at the request of our biggest client!).

One difference to the ‘standard’ approach, is that we use our extensive knowledge to run complimentary workshops on a range of subjects, eg direct recruitment, retention, pipeline management etc, and these are tailored depending on our clients specific challenges.

Although a ‘quirky’ offering, during lock down, I resurrected an old talent and started doing dozens of free, virtual, magic shows for our contacts both old and new. Although this sounds like a light-hearted offering, it resulted in working with individual departments and teams to address specific development challenges.

Importantly for a brand such as yours, we also advise our recruiting clients on how they can maintain a positive ‘brand perception’ with candidates before, during and after their recruitment campaigns.

If you have never asked a consultancy how they will manage this, how they ‘sell’ your brand and how this can be improved and monitored, we’d love to discuss this.

I have been a long-term customer of Bourne Leisure and our business shares your ethos.

For me, it is essential that your chosen consultancy share your passion for the brand and we will use the insight gained to help attract top talent into the business more effectively.

To get more of a feel for our approach, please check out some of the articles at the foot of this page.

Our business is fueled by referrals which is a lovely way to build a company.

We have a personality, a soul and a clear culture that, very simply, makes us…us!

We’re VERY open and we welcome you to talk to our other customers about their experiences. When we were allowed, we often invited clients (new and established), to come into our offices to check out our methods and how we manage their account.

Importantly for Bourne Leisure, we’ve run SME’s, and we have been job seekers and recruiters, so we understand the various pain points experienced from all sides involved. As an example, we aim to reply to EVERY application and not just rely on the typical agency disclaimer on an advert.

We think about our contacts, what makes them tick and how we can engage with them better than other business partners. For us, as you now know, it’s all about relationships!

These relationships have to start somewhere and although James Johnson and some others within the business know a little about us, we’d love to have a more in-depth chat, whether it’s on a video call or in person.

Our social posts on LinkedIn and our website, will give you an insight into our ethos and professional, but relaxed, ‘human’ approach.

Let's Connect

The Team

This picture is my family ‘team’ at your Bognor Regis site.

Our recruitment team (we consider ourselves a ‘work family’), are NOT paid on a commission basis!

As you probably know, this is not usual within recruitment and it creates a level of efficiency and teamwork that is definitely NOT ‘standard’ within the recruitment market.

Relevant Clients

We operate with a number of hospitality and multi-site retail businesses, however you will hear this from every consultancy you speak with.

We’d encourage you to speak with our contacts within these businesses to discuss our approach, the value we add and, importantly, the care we use when partnering with our clients.

Whilst they are not direct competitors, many of our clients are London based Hotels/Hospitality businesses and I will gladly share the names clients where we have placed a range of Finance Department personnel, from CFO’s and FD’s, through to transactional team members.

We also deal with numerous multi-site businesses in and around Hemel Hempstead and again, we will discuss these in confidence.

We also act as retained consultants for a housing association in London where our role is far more than merely ‘recruitment’.

For this client, we address retention, assist the internal team and, where external support is required, we handle this process.

Rates / Fee Proposal

As requested, we wanted to address your question on rates.

As most of our recruitment is at the mid-senior level, we are competitive with our flat rate of 20%. This rate doesn’t increase with salary levels.

When it comes to transactional recruitment, we are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive consultancy, however we feel that we charge a ‘fair’ price for the knowledge and service level that we provide.

It is probably relevant to mention here that we have 3 main offerings: Contingent, Retained and Retained-Light.

Retained-Light is generally used for roles that will be niche or time intensive campaigns but are not ‘headhunting’ projects. This approach has also been the norm for us when engaged on multi-vacancy campaigns so I will explain this further when we speak.

Hopefully at that point, we can also discuss the level of the opportunities which will help structure a ‘fair’ offering.

Without this knowledge at this stage, I would suggest the following.

* If we operate on a contingent basis for ad-hoc vacancies, our 20% rate will apply.
* If we’re engaged on a sole basis for any number of roles, we will reduce this to 17.5%
* If we are engaged on a sole basis with an element paid up-front as per retained/retained-light approach, we will offer a 4 month, free replacement period given the partnership approach.

Flat rate fees

  • Our introductory rate doesn’t increase with salary levels and whilst most agencies will do this, we have never felt this to be a fair approach. With BondMoran, you will always receive the same, high quality service regardless of the seniority of the role. Whether engaged on a retained, retained-light, or contingent basis, we charge the same flat rate.


  • We are experts within our sector. Each of our Consultants has over twenty years experience within accountancy recruitment, in our specific geographical area, ensures that we are extremely well networked.

Genuine consultancy (with a long-term, relationship approach!)

  • Whether discussing how your brand is going to be perceived by potential recruits, confidentiality, staff engagement, headhunting, training workshops and many other subjects connected to recruitment and retention, we operate as an expert partner, not a transactional service provider. Our advice is always free!

Solutions, NOT sales

  • We offer a range of customised solutions, including retained, contingent and alternative offerings such as 'retained-light'.

Free replacements

  • We offer a FREE replacement service for all permanent recruitment. Just ask for full Terms.

Value-Add Articles

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