Are you brave or stupid?

Posted by Lawrence Bond August 16, 2018

Are you brave or stupid? I asked myself that same question!”

Four years ago I left a ‘safe’ job and started a new business at 42, with 4 young kids and a lovely (ridiculously understanding) wife. It was either brave or very stupid.

If you have an ‘itch’ to take a chance, to do more and try to achieve something that your current job won’t allow, don’t live with regret. It may be that you want to leave your safe job to work elsewhere or start your own business.

It’s not about money – I wish it was! For me, it was about creating something that I believed to be special. I believed that putting service levels and the ‘human’ element of recruitment at the forefront of everything we do would lead to loyalty and the profit would follow. So far, so good! I never wanted to say, “I wish I had tried…” .

Although I’ve always been a workaholic, 3 years later and working harder than ever before, I can honestly say that I’m happier now than any other time in my life. This is both on a personal and professional basis and I definitely haven’t compromised on family time as that’s my ‘why’. I’m truly loving life and I’d encourage others to try too.

I’ve confirmed a couple of things that may be worth thinking about before you take that leap of faith:

There’s a risk that things won’t go to plan. Be realistic about that but don’t let it stop you.

Have support – I’m the luckiest person alive to have had the friends around me to do this. So many people gave support, whether it was a simple ‘like’ on a social post or help with tech, web, legal, accountants etc. Even ex-colleagues gave support. One thing that’s crystal clear to me, is the importance of having a like-minded business partner to support – someone who’s there to compliment your skills and pick you up when the inevitable tough days come. Denise – thanks for believing!

Despite having worked in this sector for over 20 years, nothing’s compared to the incredible experience over the last few years. If you still not sure whether to take the plunge…..

I’ll never regret this adventure and if you’re thinking of changing your destiny, you can plan and work hard, but if karma is on your side, it’s an amazing help to quicker, greater success.

If anyone needs advice or wants to be part of our journey (as part of our team, a client or job seeker), feel free to drop us a line and please help us spread the word.