Chicken or egg?

Posted by Lawrence Bond June 13, 2019

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Fortunately for us Debbie, the most recent BM family member, has pet chickens & brings delicious, REALLY fresh eggs into the office every few days. How many offices can say that?

Very simply, Debbie is a really ‘good egg’! She’s a ‘cracking’ consultant with over 20 years experience in our sector but that’s not what makes her a BM person.

What makes her right for the business is her personality, attitude towards work & essentially, her views on what’s important in life.

What comes first for you, personality & attitude or experience?

Naturally everyone focuses on relevant experience when recruiting. If you learnt a system or skill set though, why can’t your next employee IF they have the right approach?

So next time you write a job description, think about what ‘essential experience’ is essential. If you can be flexible, let your recruiters know & ensure they understand the key traits you need.

Internally, we recruit a person ‘type’. Someone who cares about our customers (candidates & clients), who can challenge, add value etc. Some of that can’t be taught but we ‘can’ teach our methods.

We work with great clients (& potential clients) on the subjects around recruitment & retention. Get in touch & we’ll help you find your ‘Debbie’.