Diary of a start-up: Episode 4. A new starter at the start-up!

Posted by Lawrence Bond June 2, 2017

It’s always exciting when a new starter comes onboard, and the following was written by our newest recruit and member of the BondMoran team, Debbie…

At about 8.30am on a bright Monday morning, sporting shiny new shoes and new outfit, I bumped into my new boss as we’d both succeeded in finding a great parking space right outside the office. Wanting to make a great first impression, I offered to help him bring a few things into the building as he had rather a lot of stuff to carry. It turned out that the bottle of wine, flowers and card I’d freed up his hands for were my “Welcome to BondMoran” present!

This first day greeting wasn’t just for show, however. It followed on from the very relaxed, open and warm recruitment process I’d experienced: Lawrence and Denise kept in regular contact and lovely touches like a card and box of chocolates (which my kids really enjoyed tucking into!) when I accepted my offer made me think that these guys were living up to their claim of doing things differently.
But back to my first day….

I realised quickly that there would be a few essentials I’d need for working at BondMoran: a great sense of humour, the ability to drink a lot of coffee, the power to resist the temptation of the cash ‘n’ carry-sized jar of jelly beans in Confectionery Corner and a good sense of humour. (And no, that’s not a typo; I did list that twice. There’s always a lot of laughs in this office!).

Even as an experienced recruiter, I was returning to the job after a long break and into a new market so I also needed the capacity to take in a lot of information, and quickly. In addition to learning about the accountancy market, I had to remember how to “do recruitment” and learn how to do it the “BondMoran way”.

Within 24 hours of starting, I had the opportunity to see this in action. One of the first tasks I’d been set was to get my LinkedIn profile and connections up to date; off the back of this, an old contact of mine got in touch to say she was recruiting. Within an hour, we were in the car and on our way to meet her. This first client meeting showed me that the “BondMoran way” means genuinely consulting and going the extra mile for your client. (Of the number of recruiters she’d been in touch with, we were the only company that had actually gone in to meet her). I then got to see the recruitment process in action over the next couple of weeks….and without going into the minute details, I saw how much is invested in the process at every stage. Even as someone with more than 10 years’ recruitment experience, I’ve learned new ways of doing things, which was the best “on the job” training I could have hoped for.

At the end of the process, the Client emailed us completely unprompted to say that our methods and approach were “pretty special” and that meant so much to us.

I remember Lawrence saying on that first day that I’d be surprised in 4 weeks’ time about how much I’d learnt (probably because I must have looked like a rabbit in the headlights at one point!)…but he was spot on! My journey continues but I’m now a month in, feeling more confident each day that I know what I’m talking about and very glad that joining BondMoran is everything I hoped it would be.

If you would like to join our journey like Debbie has, please get in touch here – we’re always looking for good people.