Diary of the BondMoran Puppy…

Posted by Kiki the Dog June 22, 2018

Let’s just say my day didn’t go quite as planned for ‘bring your dog to work day’.

I flew into the office bright and early, ready for my first ‘full’ day at work and eager to meet all the staff again to get tummy rubs and tickles.

Before I started my ‘work duties’ , it was only polite to relieve myself in the area they call the ‘atrium’, a little garden-type space with fake grass and everything! Whoops ….huge mistake!
Apparently the morning meeting was about to be held there so my ‘mess’ was quickly cleared for them to begin and some flowery-scented canister was swiftly sprayed and terrified the life out of me!

A moment passed and I was surprised that they had left my water bowl by the front door as people walk in and out. I felt obliged to move it to the place that I saw fit…..right by the ‘human’ drinking area. Apparently that wasn’t too clever as my water bowl was really full and now we have additional wet patches on the floor as well as the piddle marks from my last visit! I like to make a lasting impression.

The Friday meeting began and I cleverly found something to occupy myself that wasn’t too noisy. Apparently the tasty, wooden pin board wasn’t the greatest choice of teething materials to ‘destroy’ but I’m sure they can find a good use for the remains?

Twenty minutes flew by and I had plenty of visitors from the other offices which was truly wonderful .

I was told it wasn’t the correct etiquette to howl like a constipated wolf at the top of my voice every time someone came around the corner of the hallway …..so at least I’ll know that for next time!

Talking of next time , I really hope they replace that sponge, basketball I ate because it’s not as fun in the office without it and apparently they like to chuck it at each other at certain times of their day……….a bit of slobber never hurt anyone ! ? ? ?

Anyway, my day seemed to end rather abruptly after just ONE HOUR when I was hooked up to my lead and led out the door following my favourite fishy treats.

It wasn’t all bad , I left them another present too but they’ll just have to search a little harder under the desks for that one !

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