Diary of a start-up: Episode 1. Believe in Karma!

Posted by Lawrence Bond January 30, 2017

Starting a new business is both scary & exciting.

This isn’t made any easier by having a family dependent upon you succeeding, (in my case it’s my amazingly understanding wife & four fantastic young sons). My kids say, “Dad, you’re good at your job so you’ll be fine!” ….but if only running a business was quite that simple!
We started this business with a clear vision of what we were aiming to achieve BUT, as I’ve discovered, a great support network around you is essential to the pace of growth and I must be the luckiest person to have gained such incredible support. I’ve always tried to treat people well, be positive and help those around me, but I’ve been overwhelmed with the help, encouragement and loyalty we’ve been shown in our new venture.
BondMoran Recruitment is only three months old and now that we have our website, database, social media etc like a ‘real company’, this is probably my first chance to thank the friends who have given us a ‘leg-up’ (my clients and candidates considered as friends too).
Thanks to our friends who have let us live (rent free) in their offices, thanks to you for reading this and sharing our social media and thanks to all our clients, potential clients & applicants for being a friendly voice at the end of a phone. You will never realise how important this all is from our side of the desk in these early days! 
Thanks also goes to our other friends who have gone over and above the cause – tech help, web, legal, accountants, social media, ex-colleagues (you all know who you are!). If you’re reading this and are thinking about starting on your own, you’ll need people with these skills on your side too!
bond moran recruitment hertfordshire

Most superheroes have a partner in crime and when you’re building a business from scratch, one thing that’s crystal clear to me, is the importance of having a business partner to support you – someone who’s there to compliment your skills and pick you up when the inevitable tough days come.

To the voice of sanity who joined me on this journey – thanks for believing! 
I’ve worked in this sector for over 20 years and have been involved in building and running a recruitment business before. However, that’s nothing’s compared to the experience I’ve had in the last few months. Whatever happens, I’ll never regret this adventure and if you’re thinking of starting a new business yourself, you can plan and work hard, but if karma is on your side, it’s an amazing help to quicker, greater success. 
If anyone needs advice, feel free to drop us a line and please help us spread the word.

Thanks again for everything