Diary of a start-up: Episode 2. Forgive us for we have sinned!

Posted by Lawrence Bond March 3, 2017

I’ve heard a lot of bad jokes, and as my family and friends would no doubt confirm, I’m normally responsible for telling them! After subjecting my four kids a typical “Daddy” joke last night, my two older lads just shook their heads in both disapproval and disappointment, before delivering their stock response to a really bad gag.

They told me to ‘go and have a long think about what I had just said and that I should rethink parts of my life – namely my humour!’ The joke was deemed ‘that’ bad by my captive and typically harsh audience.

Ok…so it was REALLY bad & many of you will have heard it. It’s the one about the balloon boy, who had a balloon dog, lived in a balloon house and went to the balloon school.
One day, in a depressed mood he got a pin and popped his balloon parents, his balloon house, his balloon teachers and the balloon school.

The balloon Head-Teacher found him and disapprovingly said, “that’s a terrible thing you did. You let your parents down, you let your teachers down, you let the school down…!”

job applications

I told you it was bad but in my defence, I heard it after I’d had a few drinks and it seemed a lot funnier then. You may feel as if you need a drink after that, but both the joke and my kids comments, got me thinking.

I have a lot of people who, are directly & indirectly dependent upon me. My family, clients, candidates, colleagues, friends etc. Had I let anyone down lately?

Setting up BondMoran, we have put so much thought into being the best, ensuring we had a great brand and a strong customer focus/experience. We know that this attitude will set us apart and we believe it to be essential.

It’s still early days for BondMoran and we’ve been overwhelmed with the volume of business our lovely clients have given us, along with the number of applications we have received for each role we work on.

One area where most agencies typically come unstuck, is that they fail to update candidates and sometimes don’t even respond at all to job applications. We have been candidates and we know how frustrating that can be.

So, whilst we’ve had fantastic reviews from so many of our customers, we want to apologise to any of our candidates who feel we could’ve responded to them a little quicker. We look at every single application that we receive and we review them for that specific role along with any others. We even consider other clients who may not be recruiting but could be worth approaching on their behalf – so a lot of things are going on in the background.

No one will even be aware or feel “let down” if you equate it to industry standards, however by our own ‘gold’ standard, there’s been times where we could’ve been quicker in responding to some applications.

I think it’s fair to say that in this world, not many people hold their hands up and admit (or even acknowledge), when they have been wrong or know that they could improve. No one simply says “I’m Sorry”. Politicians, public figures and many people in today’s society have the approach of “it’s not my fault”.

We are the opposite.

We believe it is essential to take responsibility for our mistakes, learn from them and drive constant improvement and we apply this desire to everything we do as a business.

We admit when we could have been better or we are wrong and we are TRULY SORRY to anyone who has applied to an advert and we haven’t responded quickly enough.

We have improved our processes, our adverts now manage expectations better and we’re driving constant improvement. I wonder how many other recruitment businesses (& others) ever try to do that?

There’s so many more bad jokes where that one came from and whilst we may not be the best at offering advice on comedy, we know recruitment.

Contact us for a chat or just for advice and….we promise to reply!