Do you need a little MAGIC?

Posted by Lawrence Bond April 22, 2023

Although it may feel like a distant memory, some businesses really went ‘over and above’ to support people during the Covid crisis and staff engagement moved to the fore of most companies agendas.

Realistically, there are VERY few USPs in our sector (despite what most recruiters claim!), however one of our genuine unique strengths is not only advising in this area, but taking a very active role within it.

Although an unusual ‘claim to fame’, Lawrence used to be a magician, a talent he resurrected at the start of the Corona era.

This started with him posting several magic tricks on LinkedIn each week to help keep spirits up and developed into him joining dozens of companies and teams on their video calls, to offer a quirky, enjoyable and interactive morale booster.

He did this for free and has even helped numerous contacts by performing virtual magic shows for their families. This ranged from young kids through to more mature relatives who were struggling with various elements of the pandemic.

This ‘magical’ idea proved to be so successful that when lock down ended, the offer to join your business in this novel manner didn’t end!

Even if you want to discuss recruitment topics, he’ll usually have a trick up his sleeve!

If you think that this would help your company/team, let us know.


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