Doubling Down – Relationships Are More Important Than A Deal

Posted by Lawrence Bond May 11, 2022

Yesterday, I used the phrase ‘Double Down’ about our 2021 plans & ethos of ‘putting relationships ahead of deals’.
Maybe I was wrong!

Looking up the dictionary definition, our future strategy ISN’T ‘potentially risky’.

It’s just more long-term, so no quick returns!

✅ We’ve gone BIG on old fashioned care, attention & a personalised approach.
✅ We’ve innovated.
✅ We’ve given contacts our time & expertise & simply helped many who have needed it.
✅ We’ve looked after & protected our own team, including private healthcare for all.
✅ We’ve analysed our existing methods/offering & further improved.
✅ We’ve strengthened our relationships (which were pretty good!) & we’ve built new ones.

If that means we’re taking a risk, then hey, let’s all do it!

Anyone else up for doubling down on the good, long-term things?