During the war…..!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 2, 2019

Anyone over 35 will tell you how a little snow didn’t bring the country to a stop in their day. Is that us ‘oldies’ remembering things how we want or how they really were?

I certainly remember when the only Spam was tinned meat and when letters were typed on a typewriter (well my Mum typed). If she made a typo, she didn’t delete it, she slipped a tipex sheet onto the letter and typed over her mistake! Tipex!

Lickable stamps! They feel fairly recent but they’re something that my kids wouldn’t dream of – you lick the back of the Queens head!?!

I love all of the ‘modcons’ of today’s life, but every now and then, I do ‘An uncle Albert’ and reminisce about how our work life has changed from my early days. In my case it’s the late 80’s/early 90’s and I suspect this will apply to those of us of a certain generation, whilst seeming alien and even ridiculous to anyone who is lucky enough to be under 25!

Sometimes I do this just to remind myself and anyone around me, just how lucky we are to have the tools available now and how we shouldn’t moan too much about LinkedIn’s new look etc.

In my early years in recruitment, CV’s had to be posted in a big red box although if we were in a real hurry, we could always fax them as long as the client knew to wait by their fax for confidentiality!

We even had to… actually pick up the phone and call people too! Obviously, you could only walk as far as the coiled phone cord would allow and there was definitely NO texting, emailing, whatsapp, messenger, etc. We HAD to use the phone.

To so many people, the idea of calling a prospect client or candidate before using a ton of social media tools will be ‘old skool’ theory! Like Bob Hoskins (who!?), I love to talk and still prefer the old-fashioned phone call but it’s all too easy to fall into the ‘tappy’ culture we now live in.

So am I wrong to prefer calling people and actually talking to them?
Should I use the more common forms of social media that everyone uses as a first point of call without knowing the recipients preferences?

I doubt that I’ll be able to change my ways but if you’re a little old fashioned too and believe in good customer service, building rapport and long-lasting trusted relationships, let me know.

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