Exceptional Recruitment

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 11, 2019

We’ve all heard recruitment horror stories in the past where things go wrong, but we’ve just placed a candidate where the SME business got their processes spot on. What did they do?

Firstly I should thank this business for making our job so much easier.

I had 3 senior, qualified applicants all desperately keen on this FD role. Even the two candidates who narrowly missed out were so complimentary and wanted to leave bridges intact for ANY future opportunities. They were so complimentary about the business and people despite the decision that I’ve rarely heard such positivity from candidates who haven’t secured the role.

My client followed a great, simple process that showed they had put thought, time and effort into it:

In the first instance, the Senior Management Team all agreed exactly what the requirements were and were aligned in all aspects of this. This rarely happens and different people often have varying views of what’s required.

The first meeting was professional but engaging, with the CEO and Head of HR selling their business to the candidate before interviewing them. Every applicant left their first interview completely ‘bought in’ to the people and the Company. This had even started prior to the interview with the Company website being so engaging and full of interesting, honest content.

The second/third meeting was thorough and involved the whole team, external non-execs, the full senior management team and everyone who would have involvement with this person.

Small, engaging touches were dropped in throughout and, more importantly importantly, the business stayed true to it’s values and ethics. So many companies talk about communication but then don’t live by their own rules. In this case, the consistency from this business was so clear and all 3 applicants were prepared to reject other opportunities for this role.

The offer process was very well managed too and if you could leave unsuccessful candidates so passionate about your business, imagine the engagement you could get from those already within your Company.

With over 20 years’ experience, we provide a lot of advice and tips to businesses about how to improve their recruitment and retention processes. Feel free to get in touch for a chat and thanks again to this client (you know who you are!) – you’re a model of how businesses should recruit.

I took the successful candidate for lunch today and this time… …I remembered my wallet!

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