She’s done it again! Our very own Dani Bond…

Posted by Lawrence Bond June 11, 2020

By Dani Bond

It’s so easy to yo-yo up and down with emotions, body size and confidence and it’s particularly hard during this time when we’re all in lockdown and trying to save our businesses, our livelihood…. and our sanity ?.

A few months ago I applied for something (after chatting to a friend) which I knew would be so far out of my reach that it was just fun to fill in the forms and talk about my ‘back story’. Sometimes filling in details about my journey makes it feel real again in an ‘appreciative’ kind of way, putting life back into perspective and making sure I never forget the ongoing struggles of people less fortunate than myself.

I’ve gained a ‘few extra pounds’ over the last year ? and I’ve totally lost my self confidence. Only my nearest and dearest know my real insecurities to the point where the school run terrifies me on days where it’s not necessary to wear a coat! Despite all of this I still always have dreams and strive for what seems impossible at times simply to challenge myself.

Sooooo …..I’m totally overwhelmed to let you all know that I’ve been selected to be one of the 32 fashion models (out of hundreds who applied) for this years Breast Cancer Now ’London Fashion Show’!! ?

I loved the fashion show I did last year so much for another incredible Breast cancer charity Future Dreams ?. It gave me a chance to lose some of my inhibitions for the day (with the help of a small vodka shot or four) and meet some amazingly inspiring people who will remain lifelong friends I’m sure.

I feel truly privileged, totally blessed to have you all by my side and I’ve re-found my MWOJ mojo…. again and just when I was ‘sinking’ !

I’m now going for ‘slimline gold!!’

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart ….and from the very big heart of my bottom! I’m so grateful for an opportunity where I can find ‘me’ again !?

Highlights from ‘The Show’ London 2019….