Happy Nigel Day!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 29, 2020

Batman had Robin, Del Boy had Rodney, Riggs had Murtaugh (Lethal Weapon 1987) & I am lucky enough to have Nigel as my sidekick!
I often thank our incredible team but how often do people thank their business partner, their wing man, their partner in crime?

Whilst I’ve been keeping our social going, pulling rabbits from hats with my magic, arranging golf days etc, Nigel’s been absolutely immense.

He’s been a rock & has been dealing with the real business side, the ‘muck & bullets’ of this wonderful sector we operate within.

He’s been filling jobs, talking to contacts, advising, helping & generally doing what he’s become legendary for doing over his 25 year recruitment career.

Everyone’s plans changed a few months back & we’ve grafted to be able to be where we are – both happy & proud of our Company. Without Nige, we wouldn’t be here & I wanted to say a very public thanks to a great guy, a great mate, a great recruiter & the second funniest Bond in our business.

(Incidentally, I was going to mention Tango & Cash, Morecombe & Wise, the Chuckle Brothers, Cooke & Moore, Jay & Silent Bob so there was something for every generation).