Happy Nigelversary!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 22, 2020

Happy Nigelversary!
Your workmates are so important to your life, especially in a smaller company where your relationship is key to happiness and success (and often sanity!).

Rewind a year.

Nigel Bond, a veteran of the recruitment sector and an absolute legend to all who know him, had a stable career with only 2 jobs in over 25 years. That’s not the ‘norm’ !

Despite knowing each other for over 20 years, it was still a massive decision for him to join me at BondMoran and he’s been the most loyal friend & ‘partner in crime’ I could have ever asked for.

He’s been unwavering in his support for our BM mission and approach and, with support from a phenomenal gang here, we’re building something truly special…. together.

I constantly try to thank people privately but hopefully this public display of gratitude should keep him quiet for at least another year ?. Nige – thanks for constantly having my back!

With our small but perfectly formed team, we’ll keep raising the bar within accountancy recruitment!

If you want to know why we have such loyal clients, get in touch and Nigel will add the professional touch!