HR Director to Recruitment Consultancy – How did I end up here?

Posted by Lawrence Bond October 20, 2017

Having spent more years than I care to remember working my way up the HR ladder, it may be surprising to some that I now find myself as a Partner in a Recruitment Consultancy business.

We all know Recruitment Consultants who have moved into internal recruitment but I’m told that what I have done is really quite rare. To those of you that know me, you’ll know that I rarely take the road that’s expected/follow the predictable route – Someone once told me that HR Director to CEO was unusual but I took that route and led a very successful financial services business for many years through to sale.

Working on the “Client” side of recruitment, I’ve worked with many a Recruitment Consultancy through the years and they really have been “the good, the bad and the ugly!” This is my opinion obviously, but is it wrong to expect the following? I don’t think so.

• Consultants who take the time to really get to know your business and the vacancy.
• Not to be inundated with CVs who don’t meet your criteria.
• Consultants who actually meet their candidates and can describe their experience in a thorough and informative way.
• Consultants who act as a professional business partner, represent my business as their own and who provide good advice and consultancy.

As a busy HR professional, I accept that Consultants need to make new business calls and most of the time I would be happy to update them on my company’s situation, but as part of that call I didn’t need the over-familiar update on what they did that weekend, a discussion on holiday destinations or general chit-chat. Those who I worked with over the years were professional service providers who developed relationships through consultancy and results.

So here I am now working “on the other side” – how did that happen?

I have worked with some very good Consultants throughout my career and really respected the way that they work to build long standing relationships and be on hand to provide advice even if you’re not recruiting.

I have always been up for a challenge and decided to take my knowledge of what I liked and didn’t like about Recruitment Agencies and create a company that I, in my former life, would like to work with.

My business partner, Lawrence Bond, has been a recruitment business owner for many years and has a wealth of experience, along with an ethos about the recruitment market that met mine – so BondMoran was born!

Working within a recruitment business has been a revelation. There have been some challenges over the last year, some learning that has taken place and some huge successes of which we are really proud. I’ve had to look at things from a completely different perspective, to try to get into the mindset of candidates and become a business partner to different businesses.

Whilst learning my new “trade” though, I haven’t forgotten my roots and what I liked and disliked from other agencies and have worked hard to partner with our clients and really understand their requirements. Fundamentally we have a business built on our values which are engagement, communication, cultivation and drive and BondMoran is a business that I would have wanted to work with.

So why not give us a try and let us exceed your expectations!