If playing Fortnite was a profession….!

Posted by Lawrence Bond June 26, 2018

Most parents out there will shudder at the mere mention of Fortnite, the global online game that’s become an addiction to all kids of any age from 7+.

Apparently, there are now about 50m players globally, which would make the Fortnite Island the 30th biggest country in the world!

Unable to stop the obsession for this game overtaking my house (I have 4 boys who all play…continuously), I’m trying to find the business lesson for my kids to learn from this game. My theory being that I’ll feel better if they have learnt something, however small!

The Fortnite Lesson

Thinking about it, I wonder if it’s it the sheer effort that they have to put in, their strategic planning, the long hours and dedication, the sleep deprivation, the relentless pursuit of success or maybe the lessons about teamwork and risk taking? Then I realised that it’s not any of these!

There are business and general life lessons embedded somewhere in here but in truth, my kids are way too wrapped up in the pursuit of a Victory Royale to listen to my ramblings or actually learn anything other than building a more secure base!

Aside from the designers of Fortnite, there’s obviously an entire industry springing up with commercial money-making ideas surrounding Fortnite, from professional YouTubers to the tons of merchandising that is already out there and more will undoubtedly be coming soon when the marketing machine catches up with this phenomenal growth story.

A player call Ninja (I don’t think that’s his ‘birth name’), won $1m this month playing this game!

So, what can we actually learn? Not to stand still, whether it’s in Fortnite or business?

Well, maybe it’s my kids that have got it right and us ‘adults’ should just keep having fun, never grow up, make sure we hang out with friends all the time and escape reality a little more often!

My kids’ moto: Eat, sleep, play Fortnite, repeat. Maybe that’s the lesson!?

Let us know if you feel my pain!


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