If you were one of the Muppets…

Posted by Lawrence Bond February 17, 2021

..who would you be?

Sometimes I find myself thinking about this nonsense but it’s funny and I’m sure Jim Henson (a true genius), chose their personalities carefully.

Most people say they’d be ‘Animal’ but why do we like the hairy, red, crazy character who’s chaotic, rebellious and unpredictable? Ok he’s great on the drums but is that who we all really want to be?

In the real world, most people respond best to ‘Kermit’ – he’s a legend!

He might be green (& yes he’s a frog!), but he’s a fantastic boss & friend. He’s consistent, encouraging to others, motivational, calmly deals with a stupid amount of pressure and he brings together a greater ‘melting pot’ of diverse characters than we’ll ever have to handle – from a crazy chef, nutty scientist, singing chickens and bears telling ‘dad jokes’.

So who would you be?

The Frog who’s a natural leader, the crazy rock rebel or a diva pig?!?

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of Muppets out there