Inspiration is easy to pass by!

Posted by Lawrence Bond October 3, 2019

This painting is right by our office and I’ve driven past it almost every day for 6 years. Sometimes inspiration is in unusual places and often it’s right in front of us.

We just don’t always see it.

As someone who grew up in the original Muppets era, this always makes me smile. To achieve this mural though was a huge accomplishment for the local kids and it often makes me wonder what I’m going to achieve that day.

EVERYONE needs inspiration from time to time. Even motivational speakers and famous business or world leaders need sparks to get them revitalised, inspired and motivated. So look around and work out what will do it for you TODAY – Is it someone you admire, a book, a TED talk, an article or a mural of the Muppet’s!!

Whatever your goal and whatever your source of inspiration that actually get’s you to act, draw from it – the originator would be please it’s motivated or inspired you.

Possibly the bigger question though…If you were a Muppet…which one would you be? Click here: