Introducing Louie!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 6, 2020

This is son number 2 (of 4) & it never ceases to amaze me how incredible the ‘next gen’ of our workforce is.

My 15 year old has just had his GCSE’s cancelled & he’s so pragmatic that it (almost) left me speechless this morning.
“This is incredible, we’re living through a future GCSE history question” was his first comment today!

Then he talked about the importance & value of family time if we face a lockdown or isolation. Me being me, I loved that – he’s not stupid as then, finding out that he was being given his ‘good predicted expected’ grades, he immediately claimed that he’d qualified for the prize that we had put in place to incentivise him!

Clearly a budding entrepreneur & I love the way he sees life. So much so, that over the forthcoming few weeks, he’ll be doing regular posts on a teenager’s view of the strange business world that we live in at present.

Who knows what the future holds but I certainly want to embrace any positives that I can & I’m sure his perspective will put the odd smile on your faces.

Please welcome Louie to the BondMoran gang & to our little community.