Is Bigger Better?

Posted by Lawrence Bond May 20, 2022

“We’ve decided to go with another consultancy as they’re bigger!”

I spoke to this lady at length, offered plenty of advice (as is the norm) & having received her initial call in the evening, I dealt with the kids & then worked until midnight to ensure that my ideas were on her PC.

I’ve done this job for 22 years & know I won’t always be ‘the chosen one’. This lady was lovely, but I believed the reasoning behind their decision & it bothered me.

Maybe it shouldn’t but am I wrong?

During my recruitment career, I’ve had 3 jobs, starting at a large agency, so I know the ‘sell’ against smaller guys.

As a family man, it was a huge decision to leave my last job & set up BondMoran. Naturally I care in a way that larger agency recruiters rarely would because of what’s at stake.

All of us at BM have 20+ yrs experience, so network, knowledge & cost weren’t the issue & where a client truly partners with us, we’ll run through walls for & with them.

That’s always been our way but the Covid situation means many small companies are struggling to keep teams employed & keep doors open.

If this doesn’t result in smaller businesses proving their worth, nothing will.

I just hope that some larger Co’s who traditionally go to the ‘names’, will question who will prove to be the best partners