It’s all about your people…

Posted by Lawrence Bond March 19, 2020

Strip it back!
If you take away your systems, your ‘cool’ offices and take away your marketing. What’s at your core?

When it comes to most service businesses & especially recruitment, it’s all about your people.

That’s what REALLY gives you an identity, an ethos & sets you apart! It’s all about your people, especially now.

These relationships will be tested to their max at the moment, but whatever the outcome is, I’m the luckiest guy to have amazing people who ‘have my back’ & that includes our wider support network…
…quality Accountants, a legend of a Lawyer, awesome web/tech mates, TRN, clients & candidates who are mates, contacts and of course… family.

In turn, I’ve got their backs and if you’re a job seeker, a recruiting client, a Consultant, or someone in our community who needs support, let us know & we’ll be really happy to start building another strong relationship.

With all of the challenges, my approach (which isn’t for everyone), is to look at how lucky I am in order to have a chance of coming out of this positively.