Karma is on your side!

Posted by Lawrence Bond March 19, 2020

When a candidate lets your Client down on the Friday before they are due to start their new job!
OK, we’ve all been there. We’re not dealing with ‘widgets’, we’re dealing with people and naturally, that leads to more ‘unexpected’ situations – 20+ years experience has taught me that much!

Even at the level we deal with (experienced, Qualified Accountants) people will surprise you and sometimes there’s no ‘accounting’ for what someone will do.

I analyse every challenge to see if there’s a lesson to learn.

Both us and our client engaged with the candidate throughout their lengthy notice period. We talked to them, met them, sent cards, addressed any issues, believed them when they said they weren’t looking at other roles…. but then you receive THE email (obviously an email and not a call!).

The way you react to any ‘challenge’ though is what sets you apart, whether it’s work or life.

Our Client was superb, and together we’ve knuckled down to find an improved solution. This is where partnership works as opposed to the typical supplier & client relationships many agencies have.

The lesson I learnt? Just because one person let’s you down, keep treating others with trust and respect – It all works out well in the end and Karma is on your side.