Life feels as if it’s been paused for ages!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 29, 2020

We seem to have been faced with 2 main choices – stop what we’re doing & wait, or go for it & try to affect things we have some influence over.

As with everything in life, you choose the route that suits you & everyone follows their own path. This 4 point plan is how I’ve approached these crazy times.

Does this resonate with you?

1) REALLY look at your relationships
Take care of those you know might need it. That mainly involves you giving time & it costs nothing! It’s pretty good for the soul too.

2) Defend
The game of life is played in 2 directions. Protect what you have first. Complete half-finished projects, apply for support schemes & avoid losses/minimise risk.

3) Go on the offensive
Promote yourself/your business. Seek opportunities that will move you in a positive direction.

4) Decide what is really important
What must you have in your life? Everything else is negotiable.

That our plan & in my opinion, we don’t need to wait to see how this ends. We’re so far off ‘normal’ & there’s loads of time to write our own story.

Let’s give ourselves the best chance possible to make sure it has a ‘happy ending’.