Lifecycle of Recruitment

A strategic recruitment plan for Infinitum


Infinitum already have phenomenal, market-leading retention.

However, today’s recruitment market is highly competitive and having a clear plan, with a detailed strategy on all of the headings below, will often be THE difference between wanting to recruit top talent and ultimately achieving a successful outcome.

Communication and the ability to create engagement are threads that are engrained within your DNA. Applying these to your potential recruits and every element of the plan below, will vastly increase the likelihood of finding an ideal candidate and ensuring that they want to be part of your journey.

Just like Infinitum, we ensure that our clients receive a first-class service with transparency at all stages and we too offer tailored solutions, think creatively and look for innovative solutions.


Ensure all parties agree on:

1. The overall purpose of this recruit.
2. The level of the individual required.
3. The competencies required.
4. Background and other required experience.
5. The 'offering' to the target market. Why would they join you?
6. An engaging job description.
7. Timeframes - speed can be key!
8. Who is involved in the recruitment process and defining their role.
9. What is communicated to the business.
10. Remuneration package.


Active Candidates:

1. Write highly effective adverts.
2. Post adverts in correct places.
3. Sourcing CVs.
4. Social Media Posting and Advertising.

Passive Candidates:

5. Networking.
6. Headhunting.
7. Pipeline Planning.


1. Shortlisting.
2. Screening.
3. Planning the interview experience.
4. Interview structure.
5. Tests and other checks.
6. Offer management.


1. Pre-Start Engagement.
2. Effective Inductions.
3. Targets and Expectations.
4. Planning Reviews.


1. On-going performance reviews.
2. Training.
3. Incentives and rewards.
4. Recognition.
5. Career progression.


1. Exit interviews/Counter Offers.
2. Learn.
3. Implement changes/adapt.

Contact the Experts in Staff Attraction and Retention


Who are we?

Each of our Consultants have over 25 years industry experience and we’re certainly a business with a soul!

If you want to find out more about the magic that gives our Company such a strong customer focus, get in touch.

The vast majority of our assignments come from our existing network of extremely loyal, long-standing clients and contacts, recommendations so many of our senior job seekers who turn into recruiting clients as a result of how we treat them. It’s a lovely way to grow a business!

We even encourage our newer clients to talk to other contacts who we have partnered with previously or to pop into our offices and see how we operate.

There are a few factors below, however this doesn’t tell the story of who we are or what really sets us apart.


  • We are experts within our sector. Each of our Consultants have over twenty five years experience within senior recruitment, in our specific geographical areas & we are extremely well networked. We know how to run highly confidential campaigns, protect our recruiting client whilst keeping senior job seekers engaged. In short, we increase your chances of finding and recruiting the best talent.

Flat Rate Fees

  • Whether engaged on a retained, retained-light, or contingent basis, we charge the same 22% percentage. Our introductory rate doesn’t increase with salary levels and whilst most consultancies do this, we have never felt this to be a fair approach. You should always receive the same, high quality service regardless of the seniority of the role.

Unique Feedback

  • As well as our honest and direct approach to communication, when we are engaged on a retained basis we carry out vacancy-specific, candidate 'quality of service questionnaires' to all short-listed candidates. These provide unique insight and feedback about both BondMoran and your own handling of a specific campaign.

Solutions, NOT sales

  • We offer a range of customised solutions that includes all of the above and more. Some of our ideas are completely tailored to a specific campaign and every assignment is bespoke to solve the specific the challenge faced.

Flat rate fees

  • We offer a FREE replacement for all permanent recruitment. If we are able to spend greater time on the qualifying process, we will share a greater onus on the candidate's the longer the level or our responsibility.

Brand Management

  • Very few consultancies discuss how job seekers feel about your brand as a result of their 'journey'. We invest time, resources and a great deal of knowledge into ensuring your brand is strengthened as a result of your campaign and the interview experience. We also discuss methods of using recruitment campaigns to your advantage from a marketing perspective.

We treat job-seekers with respect

  • We respond to all applications as opposed to relying on a generic advert disclaimer telling candidates to assume that they have been unsuccessful. We follow that up by providing candidates with added information and ensuring their journey is far more engaging.