My Clever Wifey!

Posted by Lawrence Bond March 18, 2020

This is not a recruitment related post but, given recent events, this is A TIMELY FREEBIE! ?

She’s only done it again! My wifey never ceases to amaze me.
A long time ago she started a weight loss group that had begun with her asking a few friends to help her own fight against the bulge!
Fast forward a few years and she had built a really lovely community.
Through numerous challenges including breast cancer, she’s kept inspiring others and putting everyone else before herself.
She’s recently refound her dieting mojo and given the current situation and impending ‘lock down’ that will see us spending so much time at home, she’s offering to share her published diet plan for free.

Check this out…

By Dani Bond
I’m hoping absence made your hearts grow fonder and, for those of you who missed me….I’m back! ?

MWOJ (my weight, our journey) was set up about 7 years ago just after the birth of my 4th son (yes 4th!). I had grown a ‘few’ extra inches through my pregnancies and ended up resembling a version of me in an inflatable fat suit…it wasn’t pleasant but, more to the point , I was so desperately unhappy.

Throughout the next few years, I created a plan that I could work around my busy Mummy life, that didn’t require exercise and was so simple to follow. It was mostly common sense but laid bare in a set of rules that I had worked hard on and enrolled a ‘guinea pig’ group to test it.

It worked!

And here we are years later, one female doggy added to my male dominated family and I’ve also managed to find a few extra pounds that I’d shed previously !
But, that’s life!

So this is why I’m back…..

Sadly many of us are likely to be stuck at home and I don’t know about you but I’m terrified of eating myself into a blimp shaped human! When isolation is up, I won’t fit back out through the front door and nobody will recognise me EVER again!

On this note, I’m re-launching the MWOJ plan as a simple, old fashioned way to lose the pounds as many people wont be able to get to their weight loss groups.

Better still ….it’s 100% FREE!

I won’t take any credit cards or Paypal addresses and I won’t ask for cheques or cash when I see you! I want you to be able to enjoy following an easy plan from the comfort of your own home ….and you don’t even need to exercise to benefit from it!

If you want simple, you got it.

If you want the plan it will be my pleasure to add you to the MWOJ group below …..that’s free too! ?

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