Positively Courageous!

Posted by Lawrence Bond August 3, 2020

In October 2019 I sat in a ballroom with 250 recruitment business owners, clearly oblivious to what was heading our way. Furlough wasn’t a word we knew let alone the rest of ‘it’!

We were there for a day of idea sharing & presentations on best practice, expertly arranged by The Recruitment Network (TRN), a powerful force for good in our sector.

The day was entitled ‘Positively Courageous’ & was about being brave in business & recognising opportunities when they’re not obvious.

This was far more pertinent than any of us realised back then.

Hearing world class speakers (Jeff Grout/Penny Mallory/Sophie Devonshire?), alongside TRN’s content, left me determined to take on the world.

The day proved key to how we have approached recent months & regardless of the outcome, we’ve definitely been ‘positive & courageous’.

We kept working throughout, grafting harder than any of us have ever worked in our 20+yr recruitment careers.

We’ve tried unique, novel & brave ideas, further improved our customer’s journey & we’ve held socially distanced events when others were lying low.

In short, we’ve gone for it!

We’ve taken destiny into our own hands as much as we could.

Time will tell whether we got it right, but we’ve loved being ‘POSITIVELY COURAGEOUS’.