Recovering Workaholic!

Posted by Lawrence Bond December 11, 2021

I’m a recovering workaholic!
Corona hasn’t helped as it’s given me an excuse!
Has anyone else felt the same?

For 4-5 months, like so many, I’ve worked stupid hours, often until 2-3am. In my head, it was a sense of duty to my team, my family & my contacts. It was a fight & I had to win.

Then, my wife said we needed some family time. She’s THE most supportive person in the world & I knew she wasn’t asking. With Nigel, my partner in crime in full agreement I had to listen!

So the solution, 2 weeks in France. The problem is, I can’t REALLY switch off! Is that normal?

Obviously I can to a point as I’m out of the office, but I can’t stop my work mind ticking over. Positive about some things, lots of new ideas & some concerns too!

This bothered me but I’ve realised it’s OK. It’s how I’m wired BUT I do need to manage my energy better.

I can 100% see that I’d struggled with my ‘family first’ motto & that needs to change. I felt I’d been increasing the chances of our business survival but that was at the expense of health & family.

Working hard is in my DNA & I just can’t sit still, but I know there’s a point when an obsessive approach is counterproductive.

Thanks to Nige & my family/work family for reminding me to get the foundations right.

Do you have these issues?