Should all customers be treated the same?

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 29, 2020

Whatever the sector, many businesses treat people differently based on their spend or ‘value’.

Recruitment is a very ‘human’ industry & far too often I’ve seen consultants/agencies forget that we’re dealing with people’s livelihoods.

Senior candidates who can generate higher revenue than the
transaction candidates are often afforded a lot more attention.

On Friday we had offers accepted for a high-profile, six-figure FD role as well as contract, transactional level position.

Both roles were equally important to the people in question so, as always, we followed the same process for both, ensuring we personalised everything.

We didn’t even think about treating one person differently to the other.

We sent several little surprises to both & we spent the same time on the candidates. We were excited for both candidates & clients and both of them spoke to us about the importance to their lives due to their new role.

One candidate generated a lot more revenue but no person was more important than the other.

In reality, we just treat people in a consistently nice manner & take a very human approach, whether you’re a recruiter or job seeker at any level.

This will never change.