The Work vs Life balance – do you get this right?

Posted by Lawrence Bond August 22, 2019

As most of us who have been working since the 90’s know, life is very different now to how it was 15 years ago.

The idea that to impress your boss you got in early, worked through your lunch and/or stayed late, is no longer the norm. Now, most of us talk about a Work vs Life balance and the importance of this has never been more relevant. Finland’s Prime Minister is even proposing a four day week with 6 hour days.

Back in the day, the internet, mobile working and the global connectivity revolution hadn’t changed the world and the opportunities to follow passions from travel to hobbies, or professional development are so easily accessible to all. As we’re all aware, this has changed how we think and work and gen X know no differently. It’s how it’s always been for the current workforce. It’s now the norm to ‘work to live’ as opposed to the opposite approach that so many adopted 20 years ago.

Most employers now realise that they have a duty to help their teams benefit from this. In an employment market where there’s an ever-increasing challenge to attract and retain the top talent, there’s a need to offer an enjoyable work environment and benefits that are… …Benefits. The real Work vs Life balance.

From an employer’s perspective, even if this approach is to ensure your business is commercially appealing to work for, this is now the key to sustaining or growing your company.

There are many well-known, large companies who have embraced and in many cases, driven this approach to levels that few of us can compete with. Netflicks and Zappos are two prime examples where the culture is legendary and well recorded, discussed and emulated by others.

Employees at these businesses receive unrivalled freedom that ranges from unlimited holidays, unquestioned expense claims and working hours that they themselves decide necessary to get their job done.

This approach is tempered in most businesses, however even start-up businesses now tend to have a clear culture with their employees’ welfare well thought out and at the heart of their plans. BondMoran Recruitment is a very young business and our benefits include a 4½ day working week for all staff as standard, as well as several other perks, incentives and initiatives.

We treat our team as grown-ups and expect them to work as necessary to get their job completed to the high standards that we know will help our clients, as well as us, to grow. We offer autonomy, trust and decision making powers to all, in the knowledge that we’ve recruited the right people in the first place.

“We also offer free consultancy to our clients (and potential clients) about improving their recruitment, staff attraction and retention and we have to practise what we preach” says Lawrence Bond – Director, Chief Bottle Washer & Cook at BondMoran.

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