Think like your Client

Posted by Lawrence Bond September 12, 2019

There are so many amazing people & stories out there & I had the privilege of meeting Sahar Hashemi recently, the lady who founded the UK’s first coffee chain, Coffee Republic.

Sahar didn’t reinvent the wheel but she just had a passion to do something far better and this took her on an incredible journey. Her story, like many other inspirational people had numerous ‘take aways’.

You need a lot to succeed in your chosen area (including a share of luck). Passion and determination have to be there but something that really hit home with me was her message about REALLY thinking in the way your customer would think.

In our world of recruitment, that involves our candidate who the ‘typical’ agency often treats differently, as well as the recruiting client.

Business, especially ours, is all about relationships and treating people well/fairly and Sahar’s message was a great reminder to continually review how we operate when looking at everything from our customer’s perspective.
I wonder how many businesses regularly do this?
Thank you again Sahar.