Timeshare sales experience!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 29, 2020

Business (and life) has so many sales elements but this time last year, I was the recipient of THE TIMESHARE SELL!

I witnessed a masterclass in the sales ‘process’, even if some of it was comical. From ‘no way will I be buying’ to a message asking my Accountant the best way to buy!

How does that happen? I’ve studied sales & knew what was happening at every step!

To many, sales is a science. From the moment we were offered a free family breakfast (with 4 kids that’s a real incentive) +50% off of resort fees, we were tempted in.

The ‘sales funnel’ starts with a relaxed chat with a ‘host’ who happens to be from your country & the ‘get to know you’ session ending several hours later (with lunch included) had me repeating…’I’ll think about it but won’t be buying today’!

It ended with me meeting the boss & boss’s boss before being offered a deal that was too good to be true.

I didn’t buy but can see why some would sign up on the spot. Even if I miss the best deal in the world, the pressure sell simply doesn’t work for me.

The resort was amazing but surely that’s not how business should be done, especially when families are parting with huge sums? I’ll always question this type of approach.

For me, it’s about trust & solutions without the pressure.