Top 6 Mistakes Companies Make When Recruiting

Posted by Lawrence Bond November 26, 2019

Everyone makes mistakes in business. After all, we are all human so the odd mistake is inevitable but when it comes to recruitment, we believe that recruiters need to be smart and plan ahead in order to secure that ideal candidate.

Obviously, we work closely with and advise clients who work with us, however we’re also happy to share our knowledge with others – That’s consultancy!

So, this got us thinking in the office and we wanted to highlight some mistakes companies make when they are recruiting.

Recruitment Is Not A One-off Event
For all businesses, the recruitment process should be ongoing. Otherwise you’re hoping that you’re looking for a candidate at the very same time that the ideal person happens to be looking too.

The chances of finding that perfect candidate can be tough at times so being forward thinking and strategic, will obviously give you a competitive edge.

We work pro-actively with our clients over a period of time, keeping our ear to the ground and highlighting good people. We also spend time networking with target candidates on behalf of our Clients. Therefore, when that candidate decides to look for a new role, we’re their first port of call. Imagine the positive impact on your business if you took this approach with your candidate search.

You often have to put in the extra effort to reap the benefits from this approach, however your competitors will envy your ability to source candidate who they didn’t even know to be on the market.

Start with ‘the pitch’ – A Candidates Mindset
Look at what you are offering by way of the job vacancy. Are you putting yourselves in the shoes of the candidate and looking at your vacancy through their eyes? What are the key drivers for candidates? These are just a few questions to bear in mind and when you are ‘pitching’ the position to the candidates, think to yourself; am I selling the business to them and the opportunities this will bring them to further their career?

It is all too easy to focus on what the candidate is doing now at their present employment instead of perhaps looking at reasons why the candidate in front of you should be interested in joining your team. Money is of course a driving factor or a motivator for many but is it the ‘be all and end all’ in today’s job market?

If your pitch is on point, your candidate will buy into you and your business. This emotional commitment could be exactly what your candidate needs.

Snooze You Lose
“If they want the job they’ll wait for us to complete our process!” This is a rather old-fashioned mentality, but we still hear this and is often followed by someone saying, “well the candidate clearly wasn’t right as they weren’t interested enough”.

The truth is, that another business has probably just been a little more commercial and has benefitted from your determination to stick to a process that wasn’t necessary.

The recruitment process can be fast paced at times. There’s clearly likely to be competition for the top candidates and it’s naïve to think you’re the only option that candidate has.

Very simply, the longer the process takes, the higher the chances of something going wrong. If the first person you see is perfect, recruit them and don’t delay because…they’re the first person.

Use your competitor’s indecision or inability to be agile in the recruitment process to your advantage and if you see a strong option, accelerate your process to really show commerciality (it’s easier said than done!).

Don’t Be Scared of a Fight
This doesn’t mean ‘fisty cuffs’ with your competitors but what this does mean is that other companies may also be talking to your candidates as well.

Do not underestimate your competitors. You may think you’re better than them, have a better method, product, environment etc but they’re unlikely to be stupid so don’t assume this is the case and don’t allow your colleagues to either.

People buy into people so regardless of your cool office, industry growth etc, ensure that your interviewers really engage with their candidates.

Think logically – Even if you see better people this time around, an engaged applicant will always consider meeting again in the future when they’re more experienced.

Not Making Things Work For Your Candidate
In life, we all have to be flexible at times and that is no different in the recruitment process. Companies who are too rigid in their criteria may let the perfect candidate slip by because they have not been able to recognise that their approach needs to be more malleable.

Sometimes during the interview process there will be very set ‘scoring systems’ and set criteria that are used as THE deciders and not an aide to decision making. Do as many tests as you need but use them to assist your decisions, not make them.

With our Clients, we like to consider the ‘grey area’ as well because personality and work ethic go a long way. These are not generally apparent on candidate’s CVs but with the right approach, you could find the most suitable candidate is one that may not initially jump off the page at you.

Ask questions. Look at all possibilities and be prepared to be a little more flexible.

It’s Good To Talk.
Bob Hoskins said this in the mid 1990’s on a television advert and even though we are over 20 years on from this first being aired, it is still important to this day during the recruitment process.

Pick up the phone. Talk to people. Use the first contact as an opportunity to converse with candidates, get them engaged, find out what else they’re looking at, ‘sell’ to them if necessary (you’d like that if you were a candidate) and simply get to know them and their motivators a little better.

There are so many ‘touch points’ in a job seekers journey and by ensuring that the first contact is more engaging than the next company who merely email them, you gain a competitive edge.

When that candidate has to choose between two companies and they sign your contract, you’ll be glad that your process played a part in influencing their ‘gut feeling’.

Why did we write this and give away our knowledge?
I heard from another recruitment consultancy recently (you know who you are!), who told me that they read our news articles and insights and they really liked some of our ideas.

Realistically I knew that this was the case but it just got me to question whether by doing the right thing sharing my thoughts, knowledge and ideas – after all, this is the ‘intellectual property’ that we’ve built over decades, that gives us and our clients a competitive edge.

I didn’t think for very long and I knew the answer. In fact it made me chuckle. I’ve spent years helping recruiters (clients and competitors as well apparently) and have always advised them on how to improve their internal approach to candidate attraction and retention. That’s the difference in a CV sending agency and being a genuine Consultancy.

Recruitment doesn’t have to be over complicated, however a little thought into processes, candidates perception of your offering, how engaging you are with applicants and your teams and there’s no surprise that you increase your chances of securing better results than your competitors.

It doesn’t happen overnight, and behind the scenes we suggest and implement various practices to help our clients fill their vacancies.

If you want to know more about how a genuine consultancy works, give me or the other guys at BondMoran a call. We’re happy to grab a coffee too – after all, we’re just human beings trying to build our business and remember, a good Consultant is for life, not just for Christmas!

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