We need to stick together

Posted by Lawrence Bond February 6, 2020

As I’m listening to the Chancellor speaking to UK businesses and employees, I’ve been blown away and so impressed. I hope you agree?
I’ve sat here all week so worried for the welfare of my team and their families and this has given me hope! I feel responsible for their kids, their homes and their lives and I can’t say how relieved I am to have this message of hope.

This is leadership from the gov!

YES, there’s going to be details that needs to drilled into and there are so many businesses where this may not have come quick enough but many of the initiative are such a huge statement to the nation.

We need to stick together, be human and care for each other on individual and corporate levels.

Some of the commercial businesses who are benefiting from increased spend on their products/services should be taking a real look at themselves and asking what they can do for others and the communities who are currently putting them on a sound commercial footings.

They need to show who the corporate social responsibility they would expect their neighbours to do on a personal level if they themselves required it.