What’s a Mensch…?

Posted by Lawrence Bond May 28, 2022

I called someone a ‘Mensch’ the other day (pronounced mentsh). They thought I was being rude!
If you don’t know this word, it’s the biggest compliment you can give someone – an old Yiddish/Eastern European word (every day’s a school day eh!?).

It’s the word my Dad used when telling me how to live my life.

It means that you’re the first at the bar, the person who will give your time, care, encouragement and use their effort for others. If you’ll run to the end of the world to help someone who might need it, you’re definitely a Mensch.

It’s a pretty cool way to live your life and/or run your business and it’s even funnier to see someone’s face when you call them a Mensch and they haven’t got a scooby what you’re talking about!

IMPORTANT: As my Dad told me though, it’s a special word so use it with care.

Try doing something ‘MENSCHY’ every day.