Will you remember me?

Posted by Lawrence Bond December 29, 2021

You’re not ‘salesy’ enough! A good friend told me that last week. Was he right?
He didn’t mean I had to be more like a ‘stereo typical’ sales person.
He was challenging me on whether I’m getting enough return on my efforts. Whether there was enough awareness of my recruitment company…as opposed to my magic!

I decided to really ‘go for it’ when lock down hit & I’ve worked harder than ever over the last 3 months.

I’ve helped & advised a huge number of people with their job/recruitment challenges.

I’ve also learnt, recorded & posted magic tricks twice a week to help with morale (hugely time consuming) & I’ve joined tons of contacts to do virtual magic shows for their teams.

I’ve met amazing people & I’ve been careful to NOT be salesy. It’s not my style & my view is that no-one wants to be ‘sold’ to, especially now.

Equally, I haven’t asked for their help.

I haven’t asked for my contacts to commit to contacting me when they need help with accountancy recruitment, or even to refer me to others they know who may be in need.

I’ve assumed they would think of me &, if I’m honest with myself, this is where my friend is spot on!

There’s no shame in asking for people to remember you.
There’s no shame in asking contacts to promote you if they like & trust you & your approach.