You’re Driving Me Nuts..!

Posted by Lawrence Bond January 27, 2020

This is EXACTLY why recruitment consultancies get a bad name…

This morning a Financial Controller client (& friend) told me that a global recruitment ‘consultancy’ had bombarded them with 5 emails, a call, and 2 LinkedIn messages since she had downloaded something from their website…..less than 24 hours ago!

That’s absolutely crazy!

I know how cut throat this sector can be, but I honestly thought this level of aggression had finished in the 1990’s!

My Client wrote a brilliant limerick but as it has the agency name in it along with some choice language, I thought it better not to post it here.

We go too far the other way and generally leave our clients to contact us when they need to chat. Every one of them knows we’re here to help when they need knowledge, advice, a sounding board, a round of bad golf….and sometimes, even recruitment!

Surely that’s what trusted ‘business partners’ want, or is it me losing the plot?
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