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Our approach is all about advising and creating an experience that will be refreshingly different from many other consultancies. Our motto of ‘Relationships are more important than a deal’ is equally important to us, whether you are a recruiting client or job seeker.

A targeted search...

At the senior level, it is especially important to be aware of the drivers, the personalities and the strategic objectives of the recruiting business. We discuss these factors for specific positions. We do not work towards KPIs and it is not about finding ANY job. It is about finding the IDEAL job!

A partnership approach...

Each of our Consultants has over 20 years experience in the staffing sector. We will meet, coach and support you throughout the process offering bespoke advice. This 'partnership' approach is why so many job seekers ultimately turn into recruiting clients.

We have been job seekers too...

We're 'human' and we NEVER forget how import a job search is to your life. We know that it can be challenging, and even if you miss out on role we will provide honest, direct and constructive feedback that will assist you moving forwards.

Navigating the challenges...

Whether it's managing the process of leaving your current position, the inevitable counter offer, or settling into a new position, we have the knowledge and experience to support you. Helping you secure an offer or a new role is not the end of our dealings, it's just the start!

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