Snapshot of a Candidate

Customer Service Manager - Hertfordshire Based

Available From September 2021

Commercial Customer Service Manager who has enjoyed success within both corporate (contact centre) and SME environments.

Proficient in managing, motivating and developing teams ranging from 10 to 100 staff with a B2B and B2C focus.

Expertise within:
• Analysis of feedback to ensure customer excellence and minimise complaints and risk to the department

• Streamlining & creation of processes to secure operational efficiency within teams

• Maintaining staff engagement through regular and focused 1:1s, hands-on coaching and performance management

• Resource planning

• Ability to translate analysis and provide concise and actional feedback to the SLT, ensuring KPI achievement

• Experienced at both on-site and remote team development and management

Key strengths

  • Staff management & engagement
  • Customer satisfaction focussed
  • Strong data analysis and awareness of commercial implications
  • Able to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels
  • Passionate promoter of the Brand and a 'brand ambassador'
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Contact Details

T: 020 3519 0099


Lawrence Bond

T: 07973 101521


Nigel Bond

T: 07413 032241