Our Journey

One small step for BondMoran...

Who are BondMoran?

BondMoran was born in late 2016 and is the brainchild of Lawrence Bond. His unique approach and combination of running SME businesses and recruitment knowledge has created a consultancy which certainly stands out in a very crowded market. In 2018 he was joined by Nigel, his trusted colleague from the previous 25 years!

Debbie Ives and Katie Obrart (also long-standing contacts and experts within the sector) joined the business in early 2019 to form ‘The Dream Team’ and we have gone from strength to strength ever since.

Lawrence Bond


Lawrence has previously built an established recruitment business and has been in the sector for 25 years. His approach is all about creating relationships where honest advice and genuine consultancy are the norm. He has far too much energy and spends non-work time with his wife and four lovely sons who he uses as an excuse to carry on being a big kid.

Katie Obrart

Operations Director

Katie's previous roles were in the property and finance industry and is responsible for bringing a sense of organisation to the chaos of working with Lawrence and Nigel! for anyone who has seen 'suits', Katie IS donna! She also brings a much needed feminine touch to the office to balance out the football banter. Her non-work time is busy spent looking after her husband, children, two cats and dog.

Nigel Bond


Nigel Bond (no relation!) has been in accountancy recruitment for over 29 years now and has worked with Lawrence for over 25 years in various companies. He has specialised in the senior/qualified level and is happiest when he takes the consultative approach, adding value to the process. He has 3 children and tells better jokes than Lawrence, which, according to him, isn’t hard.

Debbie Ives

Regional Director

Debbie has known Lawrence and Nigel for her entire recruitment career. She has been recruiting at the mid and senior level for 25 years within both finance and HR, and her approach was a clear fit for the BondMoran model given her focus on building long term relationships and partnerships. Fun fact: She also keeps chickens!

James Osborne

Non-Executive / Genius

James is one of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals within the recruitment sector, acting as a Non-Executive Director for a number of fast growing recruitment businesses in the UK. He’s a highly engaging & likable guy (important at BondMoran!), who enables the businesses he supports to outperform the market and maintain a competitive advantage.

Josh Bond

Head Of Tech

Introducing the second youngest member of the BM team, Josh! Smarter (both in appearance and brains) than 'the Boss', Josh is currently studying a degree in computer science and AI, yet has already put in place many of the computer systems and cutting edge tech involving programming and coding, that none of us here can ever wish to comprehend. Having stared at BM when he was 16 years old in his free school periods, Josh is already a key member of the staff ....and also brings the average age of the company down by a few decades!

Dani Bond

Marketing & Communications

Dani’s background and expertise is within design and marketing. She is responsible for marketing and both internal and external communications across the business. As you may notice from her surname, she also has the pleasure (?) of looking after Lawrence and their four other kids!

Sam Adams


We always wanted to sign someone from a football club and Sam joined us directly from his role as a football coach at Watford FC! Having known Lawrence for many years, Sam knew what he was letting himself in for and he has quickly shown star player potential. He is football mad and spends his spare time following Watford (unfortunately). His biggest football claim to fame is scoring directly from kick off although Lawrence claimed the assist given that he was his manager!

Louie Bond

Head Of Projects

Louie fixes things! Although he's the youngest 'BMer', he has an incredible ability to look at a problem in an extremely mature, logical fashion and come up with a practical, and often ingenious, solution. Whether it's data-related, design-related, golf-day related or anything else, Louie somehow 'finds a way' and he has been part of the backbone of BondMoran from day 1. If you want a 'fixer', you couldn't find better and we're VERY grateful to have Louie in our gang!


Head of Office Cuddles

Hi, I’m Kiki, a qualified Therapy PAT dog and I was only 1 year old when I joined BM! I’m brought to the office when they need a little comedy and ‘distraction’ (or destruction) from their usual day. My role is shredding, warding off any potential human threats with high vocals as they innocently stroll down the corridors and ....food tasting.

Michelle Goldman

Social Media and Events Guru

Michelle is our social media guru and the ultimate multi-tasker! With a solid background in media, marketing and project management, she’s always been a force to be reckoned with. A creative touch, sharp business acumen and an eye for detail, when Michelle isn't glued to her phone, scrolling through social media, she's busy being Supermum to her two boys, the feline love of her life, Rocky…oh and her hubby!

Between them they have worked in HR, staffing and recruitment from the days when Sony Walkmans were considered cutting edge, through to the present day and the wave of technology we all now use to get through everyday life – that’s a long time!

It’s early days for our recruitment consultancy, however BondMoran has a great team with experts in every area of the business and whilst the best part of our story is yet to be written, we know that you’ll enjoy working with us and being part of it.

Our belief is that the recruitment process works best when trusted relationships between the recruitment consultancy, candidate and client have been formed. That enables us to ask relevant questions, consult, advise, genuinely add value and represent you in the best possible manner.

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Our Values

We don’t just run our company, we live it, everyday. We believe in providing the best possible solution to clients and candidates alike, and to do that we have put in place a set of core values, designed to help us succeed.


  • We are experts in our field who build long lasting partnerships with our contacts (both recruiting clients and candidates), based on trust and respect.
  • We view client business as an extension of our own business.
  • We work closely with our candidates to ensure intelligent matches are made.


  • We listen to clients, candidates and our colleagues to really understand their needs.
  • We provide honest, clear and timely feedback at all times.
  • We advise, consult and hear our partners.


  • Meeting clients is the first step to cultivating partnerships and understanding their business.
  • We personally encourage and support our candidates through their job search.
  • We develop, motivate and challenge our colleagues in everything we do.

Passion and Drive

  • We love what we do and surround ourselves with like minded people.
  • We strive for success for all our partners, and work hard to attain it.
  • We have fun along the way.

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