Announcing the new……007

Posted by Lawrence Bond January 8, 2019

Do you ever go through life wondering if your path has been already mapped out and you’re simply programmed to follow life events thinking that you’re making the decisions?

Or maybe you’ve thought that you’re only an experiment and part of something similar to the ‘Truman Show’ being watched by a bigger planet for their entertainment?

The mathematics of chance is an interesting topic but a fascinating one at that. If we truly are caught up in a web of destiny …..who is the one weaving it?

I’ve read many interesting articles around the subject of coincidence and even found a recent one on surnames and whether you choose your profession or whether your name could ever push you towards certain jobs. For example Usain BOLT and geologist ‘Kjetil Brattlien’ (who wrote a book about Avalanches) whose name translates as ‘Steep Hillside’!

Without a doubt I haven’t quite followed my name profession of either starring in the next ‘Bond’ film or even winning the Premium Bonds but I did discover that there were only another 27,106 people bearing my name in the country.

So with this knowledge, what are the chances of another person joining the BondMoran team with the same surname?

We’re expecting a few laughs and strange looks when we walk into a meeting and introduce ourselves as Mr Bond….and Mr Bond and I’m sure some will expect us to walk out hand in hand but this has to be the strangest coincidence to date!

On that note, I’d like to introduce to you the much taller, slightly more adult version of myself, Nigel Bond, who I first met 20 years ago when I started my first recruitment career.

Nigel is a fun loving, family man and has a wealth of knowledge (both interesting and some not so ?) along with a background of twenty five years as an Accountancy Recruitment consultant. Growing a business from a start up can be very tough at times yet I’ve never looked back and BondMoran has gone from strength to strength in the two years that we’ve been running.

Whether it’s the hand of fate or simply coincidence that we crossed paths again, I’m absolutely delighted that Nigel is going to be a wonderful addition to our bonkers BondMoran family and allow us to take the business to the next level.

Without sounding cliched….we look forward to you giving us a ‘007 LICENCE TO FILL!’