Terrible Twos….

Posted by Lawrence Bond November 23, 2018

I didn’t plan on a ‘5th child’ but my baby is now two years old!!

Leaving a ‘safe’ job and starting a new business at 42, with 4 young kids and a lovely (ridiculously understanding) wife was either brave or very stupid. I never thought I’d put so much effort into another child, however my youngest ‘baby’, BondMoran Recruitment, has taken more blood, sweat and tears than ever expected and there’s not a single day I’ve regretted it. I never wanted to say “I wish I had tried”!

If you have an ‘itch’ to take a chance, to do more and to try and achieve something that your current job won’t allow, don’t live with regret.

It may be that you want to leave your safe job to work elsewhere or start your own business and, over the last two years, I’ve confirmed a couple of things that may be worth thinking about first.

1. There’s a risk that things won’t go to plan. Be realistic about that but don’t let it stop you.

2. Have support – I’m the luckiest person alive to have had the friends around me to do this. So many people I knew gave support, whether it was a simple ‘like’ on a social post or
help with tech, legal, accountants etc. Even ex-colleagues gave support

3. Don’t compromise on family time. I work hard but I always ensure I get the right balance and I’m truly loving life.

I’m loving this adventure and if you’re thinking of starting a new business yourself, you can plan and work hard, but if karma is on your side, it’s an amazing help to quicker, greater success.

We’ve stuck to our ethos of putting service levels and consultancy first and knowing that the revenue will follow if we get that right.

We aim to create ‘WOW’ moments for recruiters, candidates and consultants and our feedback has been unreal. Check out this recent, unexpected Client feedback!

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