Ice to an Eskimo!?

Posted by Lawrence Bond September 12, 2019

“You could sell ice to an Eskimo!” – What an insult!
You may not realise it but saying this to someone is NOT a compliment.

A well meaning client recently said this to me after I asked them to trust me and see a candidate who I knew was perfect for their role. They loved my guy and he got the job (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this!), however if you’ve never really thought about that phrase, it says that a good sales person gives their customers things that they don’t need!

So many jobs involve elements of sales, and recruitment is no different (Consultant Vs Sales Person is another post all together!).

A good sales person/consultant in any sector is, or 100% should be, a solutions provider. There has to be trust and, in recruitment terms, a genuine empathy and understanding of the ‘drivers’ of all parties involved.

So next time you do want to insult a poor sales person with a big ego, use that phrase and have a laugh as the target of your comment walks off smiling and thinking that they have ‘the gift of the gab’ – and don’t get me started on that phrase either!