Marketing Guru aka… Mummy Dearest!

Posted by Nigel Bond February 7, 2019

Twenty years is a very, very long time to admit to not having worked in an ‘office environment’ with other people.

Yet today I’m admitting this very fact to you for a reason.

Thursday 7th Feb 2019 has become an important day in my ‘ever so slightly’ manic world. It marks the first time since running my own marketing business, since being married, since having had 4 children and since my latest adventure of training a puppy to become a Therapy Dog to now stepping foot inside a real office environment with real people and not just ‘virtual’ ones!

Today is a huge day for me and I’ve once again become a name that disassociates me from my role as ‘Mum, Mother, Mummy, Maaaaaaaaam and (more lately) ….Woof!’

My role as Marketing Guru, Social Media poster, Grammar Queen, Sounding Board and official Blogger at BondMoran has seen me vacate my scratched, perspex kitchen chairs, aesthetically etched with the kids’ leftovers in my kitchen to a deep black, high backed chair with a puffy thing behind my lower back to protect it from the evils of all day computer work.

I am now officially a ‘working mum’ and desperately excited to ‘hunt down’ my old abilities that somehow left me when one nappy swiftly became four!

So far, my first day has been great!

The kids are at school and the dog is at doggy daycare. Technically I could have shut the front door at home and caught up with 148,920 hours of sleep (taking into account my first pregnancy) and cleaning the tops of the doors and behind the photo frames but it feels wonderful to be here and I’m ‘almost’ convinced that some trillions of brain cells will soon recognise their new duty and be re-energised within me!