Thinking like the customer!

Posted by Lawrence Bond July 3, 2020

This isn’t normal is it? What a great idea!
Having just arrived at a lovely hotel, it was a surprise to find that the mini bar was completely free!
It made us feel like celebs but this wasn’t just for us, it was for all guests.

There was gin, vodka and whisky, crisps and chocolate as well as loads of soft drinks.

In our business, we actively think like our customers to constantly improve our service but not many businesses/people do that so a huge fair play to The Bull in Beaconsfield/Sarova Hotels.

It may well be that they add a few pounds to the cost of the room (which wasn’t expensive) but the perception and great service makes all the difference – Love it!

We always try to surprise our customers too (candidates and clients) so this was very ‘us’. The outfits we wore to the fancy dress 1980’s party that night weren’t so clever though and the mini bar was left dry!