The Small Touches Matter

Posted by Lawrence Bond October 29, 2021

We love small, unexpected touches, however one of my good clients taught me a great lesson in class recently. Have you had this experience?
A true ‘gent’, he interviewed 3 candidates for a thorough 2nd stage process.

After making an offer to one person, he sent the two unsuccessful applicants a lovely bottle of expensive wine, with a personalised note thanking them for the time & effort they had invested.

As Consultants, we’re used to doing the good stuff (sorting job offers) & the not-so-good stuff (passing on ‘rejections’ to committed & reliable job seekers).

How refreshing would it be if all organisations took a similar approach to those people who had built an affinity with their brand during the course of their recruitment journey?

Despite almost 90% of this team furloughed (they’re in hospitality), he’s run incredibly engaging, weekly meetings for all of his company, full of innovative & thoughtful ideas.

This is classy leadership & his very human approach to recruitment should be commended.

I’ll certainly be sharing his example with other clients as he finished the process with a great new Finance Director, as well as two very engaged new contacts.